Sunday, 22 January 2012

17 days

For 17 days I have been at home. Mum says we can go out soon, but how soon is soon? She says that when I'm about a year old she'll take me to the Vets to get fixed, so that I'll never have to be imprisoned ever again! That'll be a cool birthday present - I love it at the vets! I don't understand why they're not fixing her though... I mean, i sit at the door all ready for my collar and lead and nothing happens! There's nothing wrong with me!

My mums iPod won't upload pictures, but I havn't got much to show you anyway. I'll update you as soon as soon arrives!

Elsie x

PS. My mum would like to add that she has a new job! From February 1st, she will be a Student Veterinary Care Assistant at the PDSA! :)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I like water.

The best way to get your human to play in the water with you is to take a running jump at them.
You really want to build up some speed for the best results. Make sure you are sopping wet, and if you can find some mud, roll in it. The dirtier you get them, the more likely they'll want to play.

It hasn't worked yet, but as soon as I've perfected my technique, I'll let you know.

Elsie x