Monday, 14 November 2011

My brand new Barney..


If you bite him real hard he sings to you!! I think he's a keeper!

In other news.. I have my freedom back! And I met a couple of cool dogs when I took my Mum out this morning. One of them was almost famous! Y'know Chance from those films, uh.. Homeward Bound? It was his Grandog! He was so down to Earth too. I didn't get an autograph though, we were to busy playing!

Oh, and I'm sure you'd like to know what happened with Mission Escape. Well, I never did finish my tunnel, and I heard my Mum say she's going to fill it in now that I'm out allowed out again. It was soo beautiful..

Nan wasn't too impressed - apparently she grows vegetables here in the Spring, but I think it's much better suited as a digging box!

Love & Laughs, Elsie x


  1. Hi there! OMD, I love your Barney! and your attempt at back yard freedom! Looking forward to getting to know you a little better. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Singing toys are Monty's favorite! We are glad you are once again free!


  3. Elsie... amei você e sua carinha meiga. Seu brinquedinho "Barney" é muito lindo também. Gostei muito de seu blog e estou seguindo. Ficarei feliz se vier me conhecer e seguir meu blog também (JOIN THIS MY SITE - MEMBERS MY BLOG YOU). Te espero com muito amor.
    Aus com carinho da amiguinha do Brasil ...