Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Can anyone help my mum out?

She's a total whizz at certain things, like....okay, not much.. ask her to do something extra important (like update my blog!) and she's horrendous! She's having a few issues which make it hard for me to talk to you guys, so if you could help her out that would be great!

Most of the time, our comments don't send, and we have to sign out.. and then back in, and they still won't send! Something to do with our account?

And the Blogs that we join keep disappearing, and the creature in the computer tells us that we aren't following any!

It makes me sad to think I can't talk back!! Whiiiiiiiiiiine.. (as in the noise, not the stuff my mum drinks!)

Here's a cute puppy picture to make up for all the borings!

Lots of love, Helter Snouter.. x


  1. I don't know about the disappearing blogs, but I know I had the same commenting issues. I had to download Firefox in order to start being able to leave comments. I hope this helps!


  2. Sorry for the test - stupid blogger told me I had no access to view the page.
    Anyway, I will try and repeat what I wrote without stupidly saving it.
    Came over here cos Sam posted on facebook about your probs.
    Normally blogger issues are browser issues. That's why Sam mentioned firefox.
    As google/blogger/chrome are all interlinkied - chrome is another one to try.
    I use Safari cos I have a mac and don't usually have any probs. The other browser I use is Opera.
    Try them and use whichever you like and which works.

    I had bad blogger issues the other day, but it wasn't a browser thing it was Very Horrid Blogger. I shall write it up eventually.

    What else? Oh you are very pretty. My peeps come from the Uk but we live in Spain and Gib. I am spanish.

    Pippa - and welcome to dogblogging

  3. I know, I have been having some issues with blogger myself. I couldn't see anyone's updates and I was losing followers when I really wasn't. I don't know the answer, but you sure do have a cute picture there!

  4. I have the same problems when I try to use Internet Explorer at work. I don't know whether it is IE or all the firewall stuff they have between me and blogger but it says leave a comment and then I have to log in and then it bounces around and ultimately, no comment is left.

    At home I have Safari on my mac. No problems. I agree that you might want to try Firefox.

  5. We were having some issues leaving comments with firefox for a while. They'd just disappear. But suddenly the issues were resolved and we've no idea if it was blogger or a firefox fix.

    You're a cutie. You do need to be able to communicate. Hope your issues are soon resolved.

  6. All sorted! It just righted itself, thanks for all the help. :)